terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2009

The secrets that we keep

Love? what this means?
what you would do to able to share this feelling with that special person?

I saw this movie last sunday so beautiful...

talks about fighting for a love that everyone is against.
left a perfect life to be able to do that to live that love.

It called "Imagine me & you".
Love at first sight....
loving someone just about 2 second looking at.
felling that there is no one more that deserve our attention. seeing that person in the midle of a croweded room, that one that only his simle takes you breath away....

could this really happen?
or if it happens, do we have the courage to live it, to fight for it?

oh , the secrets that we keep.....

there's a link to a song made to that movie... you really shoud see it :


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