segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2009

If you only knew...

Why I don't forget you?
Why didn't I just let you go?
I just can´t stop thinking on what we could be if things went diferent
why a simple night make this diference?
I miss you so much, but so much

sometimes it seems that this missing become phisical...
Why did I let this thing get so far, so important...

And now do you still remember me?? the same way I remember you...
What went wrong? why didn't fight for us??
I'd like so much to have just one more chance with you... just one more time
And this time I swear that I hold it with both hands
I'm so regretfull didn't spent more time with you, didn't tell this before
I felt that time is passing so much further than I and
I just can't get you..
Hurts so much not have you...
Can you be with me. pick me, choose me???
Can you hold me till the hurt is gone,
can you make me feel there's no tomorrow, making every day our day??
Can you tell me that I never gonna be alone?
Why can I tell you this face to face??
What I'm afraid of??

If you only knew....

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  1. Gosto :D

    Gosto mesmo do teu blog :D

    passa pelo meu :D

    Vou passar a ser assídua no teu blog :D

    Gosto mesmo!!!